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12 December 2012

This was the date which was presumed as the one when the world was supposed to end and what all nuisances were brought out about the day. Now when the day is just few days far from its occurrence why not make it a special remembrance so that we keep getting inspired by the day [...]

I got Hospitalized

Well I don’t wish to recall the sad memory of that unfortunate event even today. It had given me such lasting wounds that my heart cries whenever it remembers the sad tale. I wish we could stay healthy and safe as we are. I wish everybody’s family stays hale and hearty. This was when I [...]

My new neighbors

The house beside our home was lying vacant quite since a month. The people previously residing there had shifted to a newer location perhaps there father got transferred to some other place. We were waiting for our new neighbors since the last month and were apprehending about how they can be. It was a fresh [...]

Winning the campus polls

The elections for student union in our university have remained pending all throughout the period or term of the last vice chancellor. It was after the win position of the ruling party that campus voting for selecting a student leader became a crucial factor so as to study the growing differences and riots. The student [...]

On cooking soup for the first time

I still remember the winter night when my friends have gathered at my place to celebrate the occasion of exam end. This was really a big occasion to celebrate and had given us millions of reasons to enjoy after a long period of time. We were waiting for this time since long and today when [...]