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12 December 2012

11th December 2012 / Author: admin

2012 Rust Free PhotoThis was the date which was presumed as the one when the world was supposed to end and what all nuisances were brought out about the day. Now when the day is just few days far from its occurrence why not make it a special remembrance so that we keep getting inspired by the day our whole life long.

Perhaps I agree to people who say that it is a serious coincidence of the date that the date month and year are falling all on the same digits this year. Well such a kind of occurrence shall only be seen now after a century only therefore; this has become rather more special for people. Thus, in order to add up to the celebration of the occasion. This 12th December go for shopping every other thing like you wanted for this year Christmas. Go find out why online shopping is more convenient than your shopping from stores. Just check out the various deals at GOSF and also check out how your dreams turn into reality with these simple and awesome deals at GOSF. They are worth a try.

I got Hospitalized

/ Author: admin

Healthcare House Free PhotoWell I don’t wish to recall the sad memory of that unfortunate event even today. It had given me such lasting wounds that my heart cries whenever it remembers the sad tale. I wish we could stay healthy and safe as we are. I wish everybody’s family stays hale and hearty.

This was when I was a kid and studied in only class fifth. I loved riding bicycles and was very much passionate about having a geared bicycle that had become a fashion in those times. Realizing my interest for the cycle my father promised to purchase me one if I get a good score in my class. I studied hard to keep up my promise, and my father kept his, he gifted me a crimson suave red geared buzz cycle on my result day. I asked him for the permission to go home on cycle. He was a little hesitant before finally permitting me to go out in the open cycling. I was very happy and relaxed and was enjoying the ride till I don’t understand from where two oxen appeared fighting on the road .My cycle got jammed into them and they upon me. The result was I fractured my leg.

My new neighbors

/ Author: admin

little girls Free PhotoThe house beside our home was lying vacant quite since a month. The people previously residing there had shifted to a newer location perhaps there father got transferred to some other place. We were waiting for our new neighbors since the last month and were apprehending about how they can be.

It was a fresh sunny morning that a mini matador stopped besides our house. We were unable to understand who they were, suddenly a young man popped from the matador asking about the neighborhood villa, I was really impressed by his way of talking, and was greatly admired by his physique. I told them the address which was next door and was very happy within myself for having got suave and cool and charming neighbors. The family consisted of five members A mother and a father that cool young man and there little sister, together with their little snug. It was a complete family with a typical sense of humor and had come to stay there as their father was a bank employee and was transferred here for promotionary allowances’.  The day onwards they became a family to us and we to them.

Winning the campus polls

/ Author: admin

Lincoln Memorial Free PhotoThe elections for student union in our university have remained pending all throughout the period or term of the last vice chancellor. It was after the win position of the ruling party that campus voting for selecting a student leader became a crucial factor so as to study the growing differences and riots.

The student union as any other simple thing has got its own type of pros as well as cons. Student leadership is desired so as to curb terror and menace of teacher those who keep creating an eerie atmosphere. It helps in creating a uniform concerned central voice that favor the student election mechanism, as well as are strict against any unjust method selected for sample selection.

A learned senior of our college was conducting his candidature for the presidential elections in the university. We launched full fledged support for that senior in whatever and whichever way possible.

Our candidate was a research scholar (Muslim) who had stayed in the limelight. He was at least a learned name in the college. We had developed reasonable faith upon him and believed that he must succeed. This came out to be true very soon.

Chicken soup Free PhotoI still remember the winter night when my friends have gathered at my place to celebrate the occasion of exam end. This was really a big occasion to celebrate and had given us millions of reasons to enjoy after a long period of time. We were waiting for this time since long and today when it approached I wasn’t able to express the content and pleasure that it gave to me. It was a usual winter evening, a little chillier than the preceding ones. I didn’t have anything to cook at my place, as this was only the outcome of my casualness and laziness. I was feeling tardy and uneasy and said that the aforesaid work can be done in the later period also. My conception turned out to be false as I was visited by my group of friends on the very same night when I hardly had anything been left to be cooked. Well, I thank knorrs kitchen magi soup that worked wonderfully in cooking a delight for my family and friends. They were contended and satisfied with the new fervor and experiment of soup delight. Read more about it: http://www.theonion.com/articles/perfect-soup-weather-coming,19187/