On cooking soup for the first time

Chicken soup Free PhotoI still remember the winter night when my friends have gathered at my place to celebrate the occasion of exam end. This was really a big occasion to celebrate and had given us millions of reasons to enjoy after a long period of time. We were waiting for this time since long and today when it approached I wasn’t able to express the content and pleasure that it gave to me. It was a usual winter evening, a little chillier than the preceding ones. I didn’t have anything to cook at my place, as this was only the outcome of my casualness and laziness. I was feeling tardy and uneasy and said that the aforesaid work can be done in the later period also. My conception turned out to be false as I was visited by my group of friends on the very same night when I hardly had anything been left to be cooked. Well, I thank knorrs kitchen magi soup that worked wonderfully in cooking a delight for my family and friends. They were contended and satisfied with the new fervor and experiment of soup delight. Read more about it: http://www.theonion.com/articles/perfect-soup-weather-coming,19187/

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