My new neighbors

little girls Free PhotoThe house beside our home was lying vacant quite since a month. The people previously residing there had shifted to a newer location perhaps there father got transferred to some other place. We were waiting for our new neighbors since the last month and were apprehending about how they can be.

It was a fresh sunny morning that a mini matador stopped besides our house. We were unable to understand who they were, suddenly a young man popped from the matador asking about the neighborhood villa, I was really impressed by his way of talking, and was greatly admired by his physique. I told them the address which was next door and was very happy within myself for having got suave and cool and charming neighbors. The family consisted of five members A mother and a father that cool young man and there little sister, together with their little snug. It was a complete family with a typical sense of humor and had come to stay there as their father was a bank employee and was transferred here for promotionary allowances’.  The day onwards they became a family to us and we to them.

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