I got Hospitalized

Healthcare House Free PhotoWell I don’t wish to recall the sad memory of that unfortunate event even today. It had given me such lasting wounds that my heart cries whenever it remembers the sad tale. I wish we could stay healthy and safe as we are. I wish everybody’s family stays hale and hearty.

This was when I was a kid and studied in only class fifth. I loved riding bicycles and was very much passionate about having a geared bicycle that had become a fashion in those times. Realizing my interest for the cycle my father promised to purchase me one if I get a good score in my class. I studied hard to keep up my promise, and my father kept his, he gifted me a crimson suave red geared buzz cycle on my result day. I asked him for the permission to go home on cycle. He was a little hesitant before finally permitting me to go out in the open cycling. I was very happy and relaxed and was enjoying the ride till I don’t understand from where two oxen appeared fighting on the road .My cycle got jammed into them and they upon me. The result was I fractured my leg.

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