Winning the campus polls

Lincoln Memorial Free PhotoThe elections for student union in our university have remained pending all throughout the period or term of the last vice chancellor. It was after the win position of the ruling party that campus voting for selecting a student leader became a crucial factor so as to study the growing differences and riots.

The student union as any other simple thing has got its own type of pros as well as cons. Student leadership is desired so as to curb terror and menace of teacher those who keep creating an eerie atmosphere. It helps in creating a uniform concerned central voice that favor the student election mechanism, as well as are strict against any unjust method selected for sample selection.

A learned senior of our college was conducting his candidature for the presidential elections in the university. We launched full fledged support for that senior in whatever and whichever way possible.

Our candidate was a research scholar (Muslim) who had stayed in the limelight. He was at least a learned name in the college. We had developed reasonable faith upon him and believed that he must succeed. This came out to be true very soon.

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